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The podcast Stories that makes a difference It is for you if you are interested in storytelling, and if you carry a dream of writing a book. Here, you can learn from some of the best in their field, through exciting guests from all over the world. 

Stine Velsvik is an author, journalist, and storyteller, and she helps you to write non-fiction through journalistic methods.

In the podcast you'll get tips, advice, and inspiration so that your book can be more than just a dream, and the story you have can reach people who need it!

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7 great tips for achieving success!

Just a couple of weeks after the publisher said yes to Stine Velsvik's first book, she decided to abandon the project. Wrong mindset and a poor strategy were the reasons.

In this episode, you will get the keys to avoiding major setbacks when carrying out a big project.



Meet Ole Sønnichsen! In this episode you'll learn about the work he did to uncover the incredible story of William S. Knudsen. You can learn how to search for details that enable you to create scenes when you can't make them up and why it's worth spending time on finding facts to write a narrative non-fiction instead of writing a novel. If you dream of writing a story that can truly make a difference, this is the episode for you!


Meet the entrepreneurs Per and Marita Ryland. In April 2022, they released the book "Rylands Rom". It changed their business! The number of followers on Instagram quickly increased from about 7,000 to 23,000! They got media coverage due to the book, new opportunities, and most importantly, a lot of positive feedback from people who love what they do. In this episode, you'll get the best tips on how to build a brand with a book.

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If you're wondering whether your own story is important, this episode is for you! And if you find it challenging to delve into your own stories, this episode is for you too! Mikal Olsen Lerøen explains why it is incredibly crucial to tell stories from reality. In 2019, he published the book 'Pappas siste reis' (Dad's Final Journey), the story of when he lost his father. You will get all the answers you need about why non-fiction stories are important.


I think stories really can make a difference. And that you, by following your dream and becoming an author, really can make a huge impact on other peoples lives!

You might think it's too difficult, or you may not think you have the time. In that case, it can be helpful to hear how others have approached writing a book. Learn by others mistakes and get inspired by their success!  

You might be wondering how to start a book or struggling to complete one. The podcast is full of tips from people who have gone before you! Follow their footsteps and make your journey easier!  


When you have done all this work and written a book, you want as many people as possible to buy and read it! Media is a great way to reach potential readers and buyers! 

It is also highly effective in achieving something with your book, whether it's sparking a debate or creating change, for example. 

Few other kinds of free marketing can compare to marketing through great media coverage.

But to succeed you need to know how to do it! 

I'll teach you all you need to know in this FREE PDF. Because I really think your story can make a difference! 

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