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Hey You! So nice to see you!

Let me tell you a story!

I'm Stine Mari Velsvik, a professional storyteller by trade and education, a mom to two little boys, and Alrik's wife. I absolutely love going on adventures, especially in nature, preferably in or near water. It's probably an environmental quirk from my childhood. 

We live in Bergen, but I grew up waaay on the edge of Norway, on the islands even further west. Where you can hear the ocean roar long before you see it. 

I love creativity in all forms! Creating something brings me so much joy in life. That's why I'm rarely without a project. Usually in the form of handicrafts or something related to storytelling.

Why stories?

For most of my professional life, I've been a journalist and photographer at NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation). I've told stories across all platforms and in various formats. I studied TV production and earned a master's degree in Journalism. 

After my time at NRK, I have worked in content production and communication in the corporate world and now at the University of Bergen. I'm involved in research communication and teaching others how to create content, among other things. 

When I left NRK, I had a deep desire to continue the work of bringing stories into the world. 

There are countless amazing and important stories out there! I bet you have a few hidden gems up your sleeve too! Many stories have yet to be told. 

My dream is to bring more stories to life. The stories you and other aspiring authors have on your mind. And one way is through courses I offer on stinevelsvik.no.

I know that it doesn't have to be difficult to tell stories that stand out and makes a difference for someone.

I believe we need to hear each other's stories. It can make us wiser and better people, whether they are about ourselves or told on behalf of others, as journalists often do.

You are so important!

I have often thought about the various ways we humans enjoy each others gifts and dreams. Taking a chance on yourself or your dream is not selfish or something to be afraid of! (Ah, so easy in theory...)
Just think about someone who has deeply touched your life or made a difference for you. Can you see that many times this happened because that person dared to follow their dream? The doctor who helped you, the music or art you adore, the sports star who motivates you to keep going, or the book you've read multiple times.
It's not selfish to achieve goals and dreams; it's a way you can make the world a better place! I'm completely convinced of that!

I believe stories are some of the most powerful tools we have. In times of war and conflict, the battle for truth is one of the most crucial. Storytelling is ingrained in our very being. Yours too.  So much of our life revolves around either being able to tell and express ourself or listening to others. 

In corporate communication, marketing, and our private relationships, the stories we tell are some of the most important things. What you say and what you hear shape your perception of reality. It creates identity, a sense of belonging, and inspiration. It can evoke frustration, joy, and entertainment, just to name a few!

But still I think the stories you tell yourself about you are the most powerful!

How you do it

In journalism it becomes very clear that storytelling really can make changes. It really can make a difference.

The stories you tell can set you apart from the crowd, give you influence, and enable you to make the world a better place. Your unique combination of experiences, knowledge, and qualities ensures that the story you tell wouldn't be exactly the same if it came from someone else! That's incredibly cool!

When I pursued my master's degree in journalism, I explored how the story changed when the medium and storytelling techniques changed. It was truly fascinating work! What I discovered emphasized the importance of storytelling techniques and strategies!

If you're interested, you can find more about it here.

There was some internal commotion in NRK when this story came out. And the discussions and opinions about what works on which medium are fascinating.

Each of us has so many channels available to us that we can manage. And everyone is searching for insights into algorithms and trends. "Here's how to get more followers, here's how to be more liked. Do this one week, dance like that the next.".  

The key to truly reaching your audience, making an impact, gaining trust, monetizing your efforts, and making your business shine is the art of storytelling and creating original content. That's why the ultimate winner is always the one who manages to be both original and targeted with their content. 

You must master the art of storytelling to make your voice resonate all the way. How you tell the story is crucial for the outcome.


«A story is not just what you have to say, but how you say it. If the content is cliché, the storytelling will be too. But if the vision is profound and original, the design of the story will also be unique.» – Robert McKee  i boka «Story.»

Life on the road

As a family, we thoroughly enjoy traveling. Experiences and cherished memories are among the most valuable things we have. They bring such joy to us and our relationships.

And it's incredibly fun to play and be outdoors!

After the kids came, we have found joy in spontaneous and often short trips. The ones that don't require much planning or cost, yet still provide us with breaks from the everyday stress.

We have a sailboat that we have never managed to name, and a van named Bob Kåre. Usually, we travel around in our little camper, stopping wherever we please and having fun. Often, the playtime involves a skatepark, or water.

I love windsurfing! Even if I'm not very good at it. The feeling of freedom is just great!

As a journalist, it's ingrained in me to convey other people's stories. But at some point, I realized that vanlife was too good not to share with others.

The van became the strangest turning point in my life, actually. I didn't want it AT ALL, but suddenly one day, my husband had secretly bought one.

More about that story and the many fantastic opportunities of vanlife can be found in the book i wrote. If you're interested, you can also find a lot of great free and useful related content here. Unfortunately, the book is only available in Norwegian, and the content related to RVs is also primarily in Norwegian. here

I hope you pursue your dream and fill your life with what brings you joy!

I'd love to see you succeed!

Check out some of my offers for you here! 

How to write a book

This might be the only course you need to become a writer! It gets you started and equips you with the best tools. Developed from journalistic methods, it suits all genres within non-fiction. Get ready to unleash your writing skills and embark on an exciting journey! 


Learn the essential steps to make your dream of becoming an author come true. This e-book teaches you about idea development, writing techniques, and the process of submitting your work to publishers or editors. Get ready to master the art of storytelling and navigate the publishing world like a pro!


«Stories that makes a difference» If you are interested in storytelling and have a dream of writing a book, this is the podcast for you! 

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