media Strategy For Autrhors by Stine VElsvik

Reach out to your readers!

Let me teach you how to spread the word about your book for tens of thousands of readers, without a large marketing budget or a huge following in social media!

This PDF teaches you how to pitch your book for any kind of editorial media, like radio, TV, podcast, magazines etc.

Establish yourself as an expert on your field, become an go-to source and sell your book!

Learn a FREE, FUN and IMPORTANT way to marked your book, yourself and your story.

In this FREE PDF you get to learn the professional media strategy that agencies charge thousands to teach you!

Writing a book is hard work! But only because you write it, does not mean people will buy it and read it.

Sorry to say!

They also needs to know about it!

Using traditional media is so incredible valuable for this purpose!

It is free, it can have the same effect as word of mouth, and it is a very good way to establish yourself as an expert in a field.

But how do you do it? Well, let me teach you!

Learn the top 5 secrets to media attention now!

You will need this wether you are an indie-author or uses an established publisher!

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