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Many years of travel experience, tips, and knowledge are gathered in the book, so that you can get the most out of the motorhome you're going to use. The book provides an overview of laws and regulations for parking and camping, smart packing tips, suggestions for activities, and amazing places to visit.


About the book

Experiences for a lifetime!by journalist Stine Mari Velsvik, is an inspirational book like no other.

It's for those who are new to or curious about the motorhome lifestyle.

The author initially thought motorhomes were incredibly silly and reserved for round and wealthy retirees. However, when her husband secretly bought a motorhome, she eventually discovered something quite different about this way of traveling.

The book explores the incredibly diverse aspects and possibilities of the motorhome life. Through Stine Mari Velsvik's personal experiences and knowledge from experts, you will learn everything you need to succeed on your journey.

She explains why the motorhome has become a significant source of joy in life. In a humorous manner, she also reveals the family's numerous blunders, so you can avoid making them yourself.

Because how does one actually survive in a small space, with lots of gas, and a portable toilet? And does it have to be expensive?

In the book, you'll find customized recipes for delicious camping food, gain confidence in finding the right vehicle, receive packing tips, and get answers on how, as a motorhome traveler, to take advantage of the right to roam (allemannsretten).

With a motorhome, you have the fun and adventure always available.

This book aims to inspire you to discover and embrace the freedom and all the incredible possibilities you have, so that you can get the most enjoyment out of your motorhome!



It doesn't need to be difficult to make things a little better.

Some of our most memorable trips are short, spontaneous adventures with the motorhome. 

The motorhome is a basecamp when we play in nature. It's brilliant and works for the whole family!

The adventures become more accessible and often easier to accomplish.

It has been a great source of joy for us, even when life has been challenging. It doesn't take much. Microscopic changes in everyday life can have a tremendous impact on life. 

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