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Hello my friend!

Let's get to know each other!

How exciting that you're here! I think your courage and my expertise could make a great team! You see, I'm a journalist, photographer, and writer. I'm an expert in all forms of storytelling. 

My dream is to assist you in telling the stories that you have on your mind! 

Market your book the smart way!

Let the media spread the word

Download this FREE PDF and learn how to work with media to spread the word about your book!

Learn how to make the journalists interested in you and your story!

Learn how to become a reliable source that helps you establish yourself as an expert in your field! 

Discover how you can reach hundreds of thousands of potential readers and customers. Completely free, without having many followers on social media. 

You see, traditional media does not follow algorithms. 

Learn what it takes to get attention! 

What does it take?

Are you wondering if you'll be able to write a book? Don't let doubt stand in the way of your dream of becoming an author! 

This FREE E-BOOK gives you the overview you need and explains what you should do to write a truly great non-fiction book.

A podcast with Inspiration Tips Advice Knowledge

«Stories that makes a difference»  is a podcast that gives you inspiration, practical tips, and advice on how to tell stories and write a non-fiction book. 

It was just too much fun!

Some things in life is just too good to keep as a secret. And these things surely can make a great book-idea!  I wrote this book to inspire you to fill your life with more of what makes you happy! (With or without a motorhome!) 

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Experiences for a lifetime!

Life is crazy! One of the greatest declarations of love I received was actually when my husband went behind my back. 

I know it sound strange!

While I was sick at home, unable to go anywhere, my husband made a decision that changed everything! 

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